Elopement love with William + Natalie in Wanaka

Wanaka winter elopement with William + Natalie

Elopements are truly a wonderful way to celebrate what is most important for a couple getting married I think and this Wanaka Winter Elopement Wedding was a perfect way of showing William and Natalie’s love and commitment to each other, the most important thing of the day.  It’s simple, two people, no big wedding to organise or try to work around with a million other people sometimes having their say. You can go where you like, you’re not dictated by any concrete decisions in a way. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big wedding but there is something special about elopements and this one was no exception. William + Natalie are New Zealand based and chose to get hitched in Wanaka having never been here before!  Well William had once but they really had no knowledge of the place or any special connection but just wanted epic wedding photos in the mountains which is where I came into the equation. All those involved were super flexible and we were able to create a beautiful wedding ceremony in a secluded spot that celebrated just the two of them.  Up to the day before we were still deciding on exactly where the nuptials would take place due to the cloud inversion and constant changing weather….how cool is that!  No pressure to be anywhere specific! Thanks again for choosing me to organise your Wanaka elopement wedding William + Natalie!  It was just perfect!

From Natalie: Thanks for getting this to us so quickly Nina:) We have shared the slideshow with our friends and family and have had an overwhelming response – you really did an amazing job with it, thank you so much! 

From William: Hi Nina – thanks – we received the usb (lovely packaging) and have now had the chance to go through all the photo’s! Truly awesome!  Thanks again for everything!